Programmer: Maddy B. & Najean

You might know us if you’ve heard our podcast Raw Unfiltered! We’re cousins Madison aka Maddy B and Sierra aka Najean. We’re gonna switch it up a bit! Try some new things and maybe touch a few new listeners! Catch us on the airwaves in a more public friendly setting! We’re here to chat with y’all, talk about some Boise living, the human experience, and to bring a new sound to Boise! Our music is very eclectic, just like we are so you never know what you might hear! So tune in! We’re really excited to show y’all another side of ourselves! So keep up with us while we’re on the air! If you haven’t heard the podcast, and you like listening to us in this more professional setting you’ll get a hoot at the UNfiltered version. But we have warned you!