What is Tropico FM?

KFFI 103.1 Tropico FM is Boise’s newest (& 2nd) community radio station. We are an independently owned & operated noncommercial Low Power FM station. Tropico FM is a program of Vivo Latino, a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Tropico FM exists first & foremost as a resource for the Treasure Valley community. Our frequency is lent to local musicians, artists, activists, and much more. The programming reflects the diversity of ethnic backgrounds that make up Boise & beyond. We seek to serve the interests of the underserved. Independent radio provides a human connection between the audience & the music they are hearing that is absent in streaming. The audience of an independent radio station is actively engaged because of the experience; with DJ’s introducing the next song, giving back story & relevant artist information/music history. Community radio stations have the ability to connect people with shared interests, give voices to the disenfranchised, and go places that commercial radio refuses to.

Why independent media?

Radio is the truest form of independent media. In today’s 24 hour news cycle world where major media conglomerates consider unbiased reporting to be simply giving equal airtime to both conservative & liberal talking heads, independent radio stations are increasingly viewed as the most trustworthy news source. That community trust goes a long way in empowering the communities in which independent radio stations operate. Community stations should spread goodwill, further to improve their community, and share information. They should only air news segments sourced from reputable media outlets. Community radio stations play a pivotal role in relaying localized information including news, sports, and weather forecasts that pertain to a single town or city. Community radio helps disseminate local information to people in a clear and informative manner.

Community Driven

Perhaps the most empowering aspect about community radio is the exposure that it can lend to local artists. Community radio stations play a critical role in providing local musicians with exposure to their communities, who can then share their content and help to grow their popularity and follower engagement. Radio stations provide a valuable marketing tool with targeted reach capabilities. Community radio attracts an organic audience.


One By One Foundation Smoke Heir

Vivo Latino is FCC licensee of KFFI-LP. The station is a Low Power FM (LPFM) non-commercial, educational radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. KFFI's mission is to serve the Boise community for programming not heard on other broadcast stations, be a laboratory for student learning and local community access participation, exploring music, news and public affairs not covered in the mainstream media. KFFI's talk programming concentrates on producing programming to address issues of local or regional significance, encouraging civic engagement, education, and sustainability. KFFI's music programming concentrates on exposing diverse music of alternative, multicultural, independent, local, historical, underground/eclectic, and emerging sounds not programmed on commercial or public radio, within a freeform music format. The station is open to the Boise community for volunteering and programming. Vivo Latino reserves the right to choose programming based upon quality and deemed appropriateness.