Treefort music festival was the first year we were fully functional as a radio station. Tropico hosted 15 different bands/artists at our studio for interviews and live performances. Some of the groups included Boot Juice, Rudy Love, Oble Reed, and Vox Rea. They talked about their careers, musical progressions, and ambitions.

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K-schef hosted author/musician Nabil Ayers, touring the US currently for his new book “My Life in the Sunshine”. The book details his experience growing up as the son of musician Roy Ayers, but having almost no involvement in each other’s lives.

Dusty and Stones, a country music duo hailing from Swaziland, sat down with Tropico programmer Paluku and discussed their long history playing country music in Africa, being in Boise for the first time, and the movie based on their careers.

In addition, our music and art showcase at the Basque Center consisted of 6 bands; 3 local (Tejano Outlaw, Irvin Brown, and Lobo Lara), Shaad Collie from the Bahamas, the Dutch group Mauskovic Dance Band, and Tropamagica from East Los Angeles closing out the night.

We continued the tradition of combining art with music, and recruited 7 local artists to display their work at the Basque Center during the music. In addition, the show featured Lupita Garcia and Maria Ayala doing a live painting exhibit.