We were so happy to return to our home during Treefort - the Basque Center - for an evening filled with incredible bands from around the world. Irvin Brown (Bahamas) opened up the night with a live band featuring Jack Johnson, Josh Meier & Will friend, performing music mostly from his ‘Life & Liberty’ album. Before his set, we caught up with Irvin Brown & talked about his musical aspirations & what was next on his radar.

“Storytelling is a huge part of Bahemian culture. We are all able to spin a tale out of nothing.” Irvin explains. It is an inherent part of his home culture. “Ronnie Butler was the godfather of Bahemian music,” he continued, explaining that his musical legacy was an enormous influence on his music. Over time, after he had several performances under his belt, he realized that he wanted to make every performance special. “Its gotta be something crazy, I gotta be the show stopper for the night; whether I’m the opener or the closer.”

Three Idaho based groups played next. Nueva Generacion 2000 is a serrano grouped formed by Caldwell residents Mario Calderon & Ignacio; their music is a mix of influences from regions of Mexico including Pachuga, Hidalgo, & Michoacan. Impulso is a norteno band based in Burley & has played around the Northwest for 20 years. They took the stage and really blew everyone away with their lively, rhythmic mexicali inspired set. Finally, longtime treasure valley favorites Tejano Outlaw took the stage & swept the crowd into a dance-fueled frenzy.

Ricardo Richaid hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & plays music inspired by the Tropicalia movement in Brazil during the 60’s & 70’s. He is also the grandson of Aurora Miranda (Carmen Miranda’s sister) so the tropicalismo truly runs in his blood. His music combines jazz, folk, funk, progressive rock, and bossanova.

We caught up with Isla de Caras & they gave us a quick interview before their set.

Based in Buenas Aires, Argentina, Lauti (middle) explained some of their musical influences such as LCD Soundsystem. When asked what their songs were about, Lauti smiled & replied. “Love; every song is about love. A famous person said once.”

They were very excited to be in Boise for the first time after playing a hectic week of shows in Austin for SXSW. Their set blew us away with its psychedelic pop infused melodies and featured Bernardo Schaffer (Rio de Janeiro) on flute for two songs. Panchito (right) remarked that they never thought that they would be playing a festival in Idaho and be enjoying it so much. They’re already making plans to come back for Treefort ‘23!